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Full Name: Andy Action
Birthday: 4th Jan
Previous Bands: Piss Factory, 2 Skinnee J's, Speedball Baby
Home Town: Tenafly, NJ USA
Childhood Heroes: Miles, Zappa, Lucas, Gygax
Interesting Fact About Yourself: I collect Atari 2600 and D&D!
Favourite Food: Sushi
First CD You Bought: lol, I was buying music long before CD were invented! 1st LP: The Kinks "Give the People What They Want"
Favourite CD In Your Collection: My Zappa collection, My Zeppelin '68 and '69 tours bootlegs
Top 5 websites:


Meet Andy

Some people know him, others don’t, but those who do are very unlucky *wink* and those who don’t are missing out on a lot of action…
On a serious note… Andy’s a man of the world… the world and Rock'N'roll that is!

He’s been in many bands, none of which have been quite as appealing to us as Cardia (for the record, this is a good thing), which is why for as long as Cardia’s around we’ll be around. *Insert evil laugh*

One last thing before we end this mindless rambling, Andy is one god damn mankey motherf****r!



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