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Name: Stanley Action

Age: about 7

Colour: black and white spots, like a skinny furry cow

Breed: street

Tricks / Skills: googlie eyes, wobblie knees. back legs longer than front legs and swivel outward when he runs...

Annoying habits: pukes in my girlfriend's shoes

Is it a good breeder/ Has it had kiddies?:  no and no (see sex)

What so special about this pet that makes it better than anyone else's?:  Stan is a sweet little man. he's a great snuggle friend




Name: Blondie 
Age: 5 months 
Sex: Female 
Colour: Yellow with White Stripes 
Breed: Yellow Labrador 
Tricks / Skills: None Yet 
Annoying habits: Jumping on People 
Is it a good breeder/ has it had kiddies?: No 
What makes your pet better than anyone else’s?: The Cutest Dog Ever!!!!!

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