Posted on 3rd November


Birmingham photos are now up! Go to 'band images' page to see (some are crap, some are not...)

Apologies for the delay in the announcement of the winners of the 'Cardia EP 2' comp, been a bit busy with coursework...

anyhoe, the winners were:

- Brandon G (USA)

- Andrew P (Australia)

- Ollie S (UK)

- Jeremy B (UK)

congrats to you all! :)

As you've probably noticed, I've been experimenting with the colours of the site again, the old ones were a bit bright on the ol' eyes....

One more apology from us concerning the photos from their tour with Sugarcult. My camera decided it wanted to play up so we've not got as many good quality live pics as we'd hoped for. We're currently sorting them out to see what can actually go up, hopefully it'll be by the beginning of next week (hopefully...)

Lastly, our friends Far From Silence will be commencing  a mini-UK tour next week (Monday 8th). you can listen to a couple of their songs on these sites:



They're also on myspace @

if you like what you hear, why not pop down to see them?

We'll be at the Tap'n'Tin gig in Chatham. see you there, if you dare...

check out their website for more info on the tour!

Here's a link to Kirsty's interview with Andy, enjoy:



Posted on 4th October

So the competition is now closed, and we shall be announcing the winners shortly.

We've had quite a few entertaining entrants, and we wish we had more CDs to give. Unfortunately we don't.

A bit of oddly acquired news for you all. Our very own Andy Action played drums on the "Walter Walter" song that appears on the how soon is now tribute album to the smiths.

We've also finally got round to developing some of the pics from their June tour with Sugarcult and they will be up soon. We really must get a digital camera...

I think that's about it for this update... rock on!


Posted on  September 4th 2004

Hello again...

Three things this update:

First off, Cardia have finished the changes to their site. Check out their all new site at (for those of you who don't know already). Don't forget to check out their music link to hear 13 new songs!

Secondly, we've got a competition up for you to win one of 4 copies of their second ep which was on sale during their tour with Sugarcult. It's a simple question and everyone's in with a chance of winning :), so you might as well give it a go. (competition runs till the end of this September..)

For more information click here.

Lastly, we've added another link on the band page called "pet corner", it's just a bit of fun and we're still waiting for two of the guys to participate...


Posted on  July 18th 2004

Hey ya,

Quick bit of news for you all,

Kirsty Johnston has conducted an interview with our very own Andy Action. It's up on her site Kissing just for practice. Here's a direct link to the interview for you all to enjoy:

Also, Cardia's official site is currently being re-designed, therefore the links from this site that direct you to it will not work. As soon as their site is up and running again we will update our links.


Posted on  July 9th 2004

 Hey ya,

There are a few new updates on to the site; the guys now have their own galleries on their pages but only Ianís and Andyís contain pictures at the mo. The lyrics for the album are now up, and thereís a few other things changed which we canít think to mention right now.


Our tour diary from the recent UK tour is now up, go to  to see.

Weíll be using this journal when the next UK tour comes around so feel free to add it to your buddy list if youíre signed up on


Posted on 23rd June


So were back from Cardia's latest tour and basically after feeling like crap all week we're just about recovered!

We're currently updating the site with new pics and stuff, and the lyrics to their new ep (ep2) are up, so feel free to check 'em out! - lyrics worked out by Laura, so all complaints to her ;)

The guys got very mixed responses from the crowds over the past week, with the most 'entertaining' ones coming from the wee scamps in Manchester.

Laura's been keeping a journal (of sorts...), so we'll have that up here soon too!

The new stuff sounds ace by the way and we'll soon have a competition up for you guys to win a copy of their latest ep.

will update again soon as we've done more to the site (photos from the tour and the like...).

Also if any one who went along has any pics of the guys from the tour, we'll be more than happy to put them up here if ya likes.



Posted on 29th May (updated June 6th)

Hey all!

Looks like Ian just can't seem to get enough of us Brits at the mo' (yay)!

Fresh from his recent visit with Jonah as one line drawing, he's coming back again with Cardia for their upcoming tour as support for Sugarcult.

They'll be supporting from the 14th of June in Portsmouth - 20th of June in Glasgow. So that's means they won't be at the first date of the tour which is in Newport. (sorry Wales...)

The dates are up in the Tour section along with some additional info where available...

 We've added some photos of Ian from his stint with Jonah (taken by Jeremy James Alec Bryans. The link to them is on the 'band images' page along with the other live shots of the band from their previous tour over here!

 I know this is short notice, but we hope some of you can make it down there to see the guys on tour and say hello and what not...

Also, if you can spread the word to anyone you feel will be interested, it would be gratefully appreciated by us (and the guys, obviously!).

Soon as we find out anything more- it'll be up here.

We will be making flyers to give out so if anyone wants to help, email us at either of the addresses below with you name and address and we'll send you some.

Remember: Tickets are only £8 (and that includes London)


Posted on 22nd April

Ian Will be playing guitar with Onelinedrawing when they come over here to support  Funeral For a Friend. Ian will be with them in the early May .

The London date is May 6th at the Kentish Town Forum, other bands supporting include "The Haunted" and "Million Dead"!

On May 8th they'll be in Newport!

Not sure on any other dates at the mo' but soon as we'll know; we'll put them up here.

Hopefully some of you will be there to see him play and show your support!


Posted on 13th March

No news on the lads at the mo',  but Andy has been helping out on a few projects... hopefully we'll have more on that sometime soon.

I've just realised that if you click on the images or names on the Band page, the links don't work for Netscape browsers. :(

So until I get round to sorting this out  those of you using Netscape will have to 'right-click' on the images and select 'open in  new window'.

Sorry about any inconvenience, but I'm a bit busy at the moment with coursework and stuff...

As they say, if something really worth it, then it's worth working hard for!

And I'm sure the Cardia lads are hard at it ;)


Posted on 2nd February

We've added the photo shoot pics from last year taken by London photographer Anthony Holland-Parkin.

The guys have recently done another photo shoot, once again the photographer was Anthony, we hope to have some of those pics up for you shortly...

Once again,

Brad's info can be found by clicking on the "ex-members" link on the 'band' page!
We wish Brad good fortune in whatever he chooses to do!
Apart from the change in the overall look of the site, we've also added some more photos from Cardia's short tour of the UK back in the summer of last year!


Posted on 23rd January

It's been long time since the last update, it which time there's been another change to the Cardia line up!
Brad Vanderark (bassist) has left the band! But fear not for his replacement has been found in the form of Jake Kump.
We don't yet know anything about this guy, but soon as we do we'll put it up here. All we can say is that apparently he's fitting in quite well :). Who know's? - this one might even be here long enough to get his own profile page along with the others ;).
Brad's info can now be found by clicking on the "ex-members" link on the band page!
We wish Brad good fortune in whatever he chooses to do!
Apart from the change in the overall look of the site, we've also added some more photos from Cardia's short tour of the UK back in the summer of last year!
~M & L~


Posted on 5th September

Well it looks like things are looking better and better for the guys!
Cardia have recently finished their tour of the UK; picking up few more fans on the way...
Also there appears to be more shops selling their debut self titled EP which is ace!
Last time I posted, I'd been told by someone in a Virgin Meagstore that there were no cds by Cardia in the whole of the British Isles!
But now, as I search the net for online places to purchase the cd from I can safely say that I am happy... :)
Apparently, the guys are going to be in the 'Rising'* section of Kerrang! soon (yay!). I'll post something up as soon as we know more about it and get Laura toscan it up for those of you who may miss it!
We've got some New photos of the guys (minus Jeff) up in the live section on the 'Band Images' page. They were taken by Matt Morrison at their gig in exeter.
*(apologies if that's the wrong section but I haven't read Kerrang! in a very long time...)


Posted on 21st August
Hey all,
Apologies for the delay in updates of late, but these things happen...
Surprise, surprise, there's been more changes to the tour dates, check them out in the Tour dates section.
Well Cardia kicked of their UK tour in support of Saves the day in style, apart from the odd sound problem, the only upset was that their CDs failed to arrive in time. For all of you who missed out on purchasing them at that gig, they should be available to buy from their other upcoming gigs. We will also be putting up details of where you can purchase the CD from in the UK on our merchandise page for those of you unable to attend the gigs.
On another note Cardia have sold out of their baby blue t-shirts with the white logo. But worry not as they have two new t-shirt designs for sale at their gigs along with some badges that have been designed by their current merch seller Allan.
Coming soon we have profiles of each of the band members containing a short but sweet dialogue about them. these are to be found on their member's pages.
Also if any of you who's been to a Cardia gig wish to submit a review or photos; then feel free to email us your pics and post your reviews on our message board (located via 'fans section').
~M & L~


Posted on 6th July
There's been a few changes to Cardia's UK tour; looks like we're gonna be able to see them in even more places this time.
Also, their debut self-titled CD is now available to buy online. The CD, now featurin a quick-time video is availible to purchase from and Tower records as well as their record label Silver Three

the tour dates are :



Thurs 21/8

Birmingham - TBA

Fri 22/8

Leeds-Carling Festival

Sun 24/8

Reading-The Carling Festival

Tue 26/8

Cardif-The Barfly

Wed 26/8

Oxford-The Zodiac

Thurs 29/8


Fri 30/8


Sat 31/8

London-the Kingston peel

~M & L~


Updated on 22nd June 2003
Cardia have recently announced that they will be performing on the carling stage at both the Reading and Leeds festivals!
They will also carrying out a mini tour of the UK during their Visit.
The dates are:~



Thu 21/8

Manchester/ Birmingham/ Wolverhampton or Sheffield

Fri 22/8

Leeds-Carling Festival

Sat 23/8

Exeter-The Cavern Club

Sun 24/8

Reading-Carling Festival

Mon 25/8


Tue 26/8

London-Barfly (Camdem)

~M & L~


Posted by Mari & Laura 21st June 2003
Welcome to Cardia UK, the site where you will find info on the band, but made especially for all you guys and gals here in the UK!
Of course, those of you not in the UK are more than welcome to hang around and contribute (if you want) to the site! :).
For now there's not too much going on on this side of the pond, but when there is, we'll inform you of it!
That's it for now... feel free to look around...
If you notice anything that isn't right, or have any ideas that you'd like implemented on the site, don't be shy...
Have fun!
~ M & L ~


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